Thursday, September 4, 2008

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

When I picked up Ella from preschool on Tuesday I asked her how it went. She immediately replied, "Great!". I asked her lots of other questions like what they did, did she make any friends, etc.. She told me everything was fun and she couldn't wait to go back. Later, while we were eating lunch, Ella tells me that, "something bad happened at school". And, of course, I go straight into mother bear mode, ready to tear apart anyone who even looked at my child the wrong way. She goes on to tell me this elaborate story about how she was twirling around and she bumped into a little boy named Jackson and then he hit her in the face and both of her teachers put him on time out. My brain goes into a tizzy.....why didn't her teachers tell me about this, who is this Jackson kid, maybe she shouln't even go to preschool.......

Later Ella tells me she had a hot dog for snack at school. I know for a fact that she had Club Crackers. It occurs to me that perhaps Ella had made up her little story about "something bad". So, I ask her if the story was true and she says, "No. I just made it up. I'm so silly." Yeah Ella, you're hilarious, you little liar!! I then had to explain to Little Miss that it isn't nice to make up stories, but I'm not sure that she was convinced that she shouldn't do it again. Just to verify that she did in fact make up the story, I asked Ella's teachers this morning if anything happened and nothing did. There isn't even a Jackson in her class!

They did tell me though that she refused to drink her milk because it was in a Spongebob Squarepants Dixie Cup and that she told them, "my mommy said I can't ever look at Spongebob." And she wasn't lying then, I really did say that.

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