Monday, October 6, 2008

Decisions, decisions.........

Ella simply cannot decide what she wants to be for Halloween. The whole concept of Halloween, getting huge amounts of candy because you dress up in a cute costume and say three little words, is almost too much for her to handle. When you throw in the option of choosing the costume, well that's just too much. Absolutely just too good to be true. So everyday Ella presents new ideas about what she would like to be for Halloween. Today she has decided she will be a flower. Yesterday it was a crayon and then a black cat. She has also suggested Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz), a witch, a munchkin, Snow White and, my personal favorite, Mary. As in the mother of God. She thought Mary would be good because, "her outfit looks warm, it has a hood." Wednesday is the deadline for making up her mind though, we are off to the fabric store then to choose patterns and fabric.

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