Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Caroline to English Dictionary

Caroline talks. And I'm sure it makes total sense to her, but here's a little help for the rest of us.

Mahney (mah-nee): diaper
Pacie (pa-cee): pacifier
Baba (bah-bah): baby
See-saw (see-sah): swing
choc-choc (chawk-chawk): chocolate
choo-choo (choo-choo): train
mow (mo): toy lawn mower
Rahey (rah-hee): Robbie (Grandma's dog)
Fafa (fah-fah): dog
Sissy wahoooo: Sissy, where are you?
wawa (wah-wah): water
drydrytowo (dri-dri-tau-o): dry dry towel
Daddyahwok: Daddy at work
iyeem (i-eem): ice cream

Dictionary will be expanded as necessary!!

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