Friday, September 21, 2012

A Glorious List

Ella and Caroline have created a list of words that they think are HILARIOUS. A serious case of the sillies has taken over here and the list is just one side effect. So, here is the list, exactly as it is written. Apologies ahead of time for the toilet humor.

List of Funny Wurds

1. Popobut

2. Fartface

3. Poopolishise

4. Siftulenutene (I'm not sure, either)

5. Peefolenu

6. Stink (Beautiful in it's simplicity, no?)

7. Stinkeepeeface

8. Polunolodolo

9. Totolee (Totally, funny)

10. Duzzeezumeezu

11. Mopolopo

12. Stinkopink

13. Throwupfist

14. Hamhok

15. Stinkofortface

16. Poop

17. Looloohead

18. Bookorface

19. Ichesbut

A work of timeless beauty, no doubt!

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