Monday, August 22, 2011

Let's Try This Again, One More Time

Ella has one week of first grade under her belt. Early childhood is officially behind her and we are changed. Where have six and a half years gone? Days that dragged on forever turned into years that slipped through my hands in a moment. So in a weak attempt to stretch the next eleven and half years, I'll start posting in this space again. As I looked back on the old posts, I was so glad to have saved all those sweet memories in some way. I also wish I would have written about the not so sweet days. Days when we were sick, tired, bored and cranky. Times when I ran out of ideas and everyone was crying at once. Times when I lost patience and wisdom flew out the window. Those times will be included from now on, hence the new title, "Warts and all". Because I love this, these girls, this time, our life, warts and all.

(Just to be clear, nobody here actually has warts. But if they did, I would still love them - from a distance.)

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Team Thompson said...

so excited to see a posting pop up! hope to see more!! have a great rest of the week.
hugs from arizona,