Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Talking Trash

I love McDonald's. I can't help it, the stuff is delicious. So we occasionally get Happy Meals. As, I'm sure you know, in addition to 4 delightful little chicken nuggets, apples and milk, you also get a toy with your Happy Meal. At our house the toys generally go to the the trash within 2 hours of having eaten the meal. These latest toys were no different, except that they talked. At the slightest little nudge the ugly little hippo shouted, "I don't think so!!" and the horrible penguin yelled, "progress report!" The girls didn't seem too interested in them when we got them, so when I cleaned up from lunch I threw the toys in the trash with the rest of it. All was well until I went to take the trash from the kitchen to the big trash can outside later in the day. As I lifted the bag from the can, the trash began to talk. With every move, the toys were screaming, "I don't think so!" and "progress report" over and over. At first I didn't think the girls noticed, but then Caroline started pointing at the trash and laughing. This immediately gets Ella's attention and suddenly she's whining, "Why did you throw away our toys!?!" So what do I do? Dig those stupid things out of the trash and throw them away later that night when the girls are asleep.

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